November 12, 2015

Palm Beach DUI lawyer, Andrew D. Stine Explains DUI Stop

What Happens After a DUI Stop in Palm Beach?

As a DUI defense lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL defending those arrested and accused of driving under the influence for over a decade, I am constantly reminded of the two most important pieces of evidence that law enforcement officers use against a driver accused of DUI. In a DUI case, the two most important pieces of evidence are: (i) the field sobriety test video and (ii) whether or not the driver provide a breath, blood or urine sample. Those two pieces of evidence, must be thoroughly examined and carefully reviewed by a trained eye and ear, who understands the rules, regulations, and laws regarding the admissibility of the tests and the significances of whether or not the test are inculpatory towards the suspected dui driver.

The field sobriety test of a suspected DUI driver, in a DUI stop, are more than likely videotaped by the stopping officers dash or bumper car camera. The test are videotaped to be used in any and all the court proceedings to show whether or not the driver was impaired during the DUI stop.  The field sobriety test are a standard set of tests, with the validity and results of the tests only being counted or considered accurate if the police officer follows the standard procedures for administering the tests.

First, the condition of the weather must be ideal for the test to be properly counted when administered to the dui driver. Second, the physical disabilities, if any, of the suspected DUI driver must be taken into consideration when grading the field sobriety test. Lastly, the suspected driver is not required to get 100% on the field sobriety test to be considered legal to driver. 

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