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4th District Court Rules for Palm Beach Defense Attorney Andrew Stine on Appeal

June 01, 2016
The law office of Andrew D. Stine has filed and successfully won many appeals over the past 14 years. Recently, the District Court of Appeals of the State of Florida Fourth District (4th DCA), agreed with Palm Beach County defense attorney Andrew D. Stine, when he successfully argued that Palm Beach County Circuit Judge, Lisa S. Small, denied due process to Mr. Michael Vaught when she enter...

Palm Beach County Defense Attorney: Heroin Use Reaches Epidemic Proportions

May 28, 2016
Palm Beach County, Florida was recently known as the pill mill capital of the United States. But since the authorities, including the Federal Government through the DEA and the Palm Beach County Drug Task Force, led by the Office of the Palm Beach County Sheriff shut down the local pill mills, the need for addicts to get their fix on opium has not withered. As a matter of fact, over the pas...

Palm Beach Defense Attorney: DCF Has a Reputation for Breaking Up Families

May 10, 2016
The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has a nefarious reputation throughout Florida for illegally removing children from their families, reports Andrew D. Stine, Palm Beach defense attorney. DCF will receive a report through the “hotline” regarding child abuse, child endangerment or child neglect and then use underhanded tactics in their investigation of the allegations. Several inv...

Florida Passes Law to Save Kids and Pets in Cars, Says Palm Beach Defense Lawyer

March 31, 2016
The Florida Legislature passed a new law that allows Good Samaritans to forcefully enter any unattended motor vehicle without civil liability, if they reasonably believe the vehicle is locked and any vulnerable person or any domestic animal is in danger, reports West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine. Under this new Florida law, the “vulnerable person” definition is tied to ...

Love-Robinson Poses No Threat says Defense attorney Andrew Stine

March 31, 2016
The Palm Beach County Office of the State Attorney mistakenly believes Malachi Love-Robinson practiced medicine, says West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine. The Palm Beach County Office of the State Attorney Florida may be prosecuting Malachi Love-Robinson because the office mistakenly believes he was practicing medicine without a license, says his defense attorney, West ...

Did Malachi A. Love-Robinson Break the Law?

March 01, 2016
Did Malachi A. Love-Robinson Break the Law? Criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine Explains One can own and operate a medical practice without being a licensed doctor in the State of Florida, according to West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine. Big Difference in Florida Law Between Owning a Medical Practice and Practicing Medicine West Palm Beach (Press Release)...

Criminal Defense Attorney Explains How to Reduce a Florida Criminal Sentence

February 08, 2016
Many of those facing criminal charges in Florida face the possibility of spending time in prison, possibly many years depending on the alleged crime. West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine in a Google+ Hangout says that there are different ways to address that possibility but no matter the situation, he says one thing remains the same, his honesty with his client.   Whet...

Palm Beach Drug Defense Lawyer: The State Will do Anything to Get a Conviction

February 05, 2016
Arrests for drug possession, sale of drugs, manufacturing of drugs, or trafficking in illegal substances has always been at the forefront of those in the law enforcement communities throughout Palm Beach County, FL. The “drug epidemic” has been at the tip of the spear for local and state officials in Florida for decades. Palm Beach County, and little cities like Delray Beach, FL have become...

“Can I Get My Time Reduced?” is Often Asked of Criminal Defense Lawyers

February 04, 2016
As a Palm beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew D Stine is often asked questions by his clients, about getting their “time” reduced if they take responsibility for their actions. The conversation many times comes up after the accused is confronted with evidence that shows they likely committed the crime but not always. Believe it or not, many times those accused of criminal offenses are sorr...

Palm Beach County Criminal Lawyer Traffic Attorney on Local Traffic

January 29, 2016
Palm Beach County has seen growing disparity between pulling over blacks and whites in traffic stops, reports criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine. The real motive for officers pulling over motorists throughout Palm Beach County, Fla. for not wearing their seat belts has nothing to do with the officers looking out for motorist safety. But the stop by the officers has everything to do wi...